Washington Workplace is an independent dealer offering a wide range of quality products for any budget. Our sales professionals will develop  the ideal design to meet both functionality and financial goals. We embrace the challenge of making your desires a reality and realistic. Based on your input, our team presents good, better, best options to illustrate the most cost-effective means to transform your office into an efficient and engaging workspace.

"Over the more than 5 years that we have been working with Karen Taylor of Washington Workplace, she has consistently helped us improve the work environment for our staff and the image we present to visitors.  We value her suggestions and advice which consistently yield furniture selections that look good, feel good, and match our corporate identity.  With Karen's design expertise and recommendations, we discovered that we did not have to have a Fortune 500 budget to have a coordinated office that reflects well on us and is well suited to our needs. As an added bonus, her communication skills and sense of fun make her a delight to work with. Karen also has been a great resource -- passing on several solid referrals for other services needed as well as unexpected tips that we have benefited from.  We highly recommend Karen to any organization seeking to develop or enhance their physical environment.  Thank you very much Karen!"

Deirdre Knap, PhD, Vice President, HumRRO


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