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Washington Workplace Recognized by Contract Magazine for Healthcare Project

As reported in Contract Magazine, January 14, 2010

The Arlington Free Clinic (AFC) project is one example of a case study illustrating how Leading by Design helped to cultivate generative space and how it did, indeed, expand ideas about healthcare. As Nancy Sanger Pallesen, the executive director of AFC, explains, I was intrigued with the concept of healing design. My initial meeting with the Perkins+Will team opened the door to learning how design really can influence healing. Through conversations with the design team, reading articles about healing design, and being introduced to generative space themes, my view of what could be accomplished in our new clinic space increased dramatically.

Since opening, the success of the clinic has been recognized through a number of awards in design, sustainability and sustainable leadership. In addition, Arlington Free Clinic and Perkins+Will along with team members - Integral engineers, Bognet Construction, and Washington Workplace-won the Team Award, presented during the Healthcare Facilities Symposium. The Team Award focuses on a project team that has worked together to change the face of healthcare design through innovation, creativity, efficiency, and teamwork.

Upon completion of the clinic, the patients had a celebration in which they brought in homemade food, played music, and danced to celebrate the space, the care, and the community. Healing design really did create a place where all who come through our doors immediately felt better. They tell us that they feel they are in a truly special place, Pallesen says. Recently, a patient held the front door open for another patient and said, "Welcome to the Arlington Free Clinic. This isn't a clinic, this is a space for healing".

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