Green Commitment

Washington Workplace is delighted to be part of the community contributing to global sustainability.  We are honored to participate in the caretaking of our environment. It is a core value.  We can help you build an office environment that benefits both people and the natural world.  This means paying careful attention to the source materials for the products we offer, the processes that go into their creation, and the longevity of those products. We work with manufacturers who hold themselves to a high standard of accountability for green products. We offer products with GREENGUARD certification for low emissions, contributing to a healthy workplace.  We work with east coast manufacturers and distribution centers to minimize the transportation impact of getting your products to you.  Washington Workplace looks forward to the day when all products we sell are recycled and there is accurate information about their carbon footprints.  Our industry is not there yet.

We will help you select quality products that have been sustainably produced and we will support you in learning product care to optimize their life.  Washington Workplace is working for a greener world.

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