case study: Neurology Center for Sleep Disorders

Location: Bethesda, MD
Industry: Medical
On-Site Employees:
Total Occupied Sq. Footage: 5,600 sf
Total Cost: $106,803.00
Total Cost per Square Foot:
Approx $19.00 per Sq. Ft.

Furniture, Fabric & Finish Design:
Washington Workplace
Architect: GTM Architects
Manufacturers Represented:
Studio Q, DarRan, SitOnIt, Global, Schafer Commercial Seating, ArcCom, Carnegie, Krug Healthcare, Allermuir, Falcon, Ashley Lighting, American Hotel, Sorrentino Mariani, Great American Art

This project was a bit different than those Washington Workplace does, and a fun change. From the reception areas to the sleep rooms, Washington Workplace provided all office and bedroom furniture, bed and bathroom linens, artwork, and lamps.


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